The Tennis Quiz Book: 250 Questions on Tennis History
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Kevin Snelgrove


Brief Description: Are you a tennis fan? Can you name the all time great players and the championships they have won? Do you consider yourself to be an expert on tennis history? If so, this handy quiz book is all you need to find out how much you really know about your favourite sport.
How many men competed for the first ever Wimbledon Championship title? When did John McEnroe become the World Number One player? Which year did Steffi Graf win the Golden Slam? All the answers to these questions and more can be found inside the The Tennis Quiz Book.
This book is full of fascinating facts. With 250 thought-provoking questions about all the top players past and present, the Grand Slam tournaments, singles and doubles results, you are sure to find out something new about the world of tennis.
This is a must-have book for all tennis fans, from those who never miss a single match from the Australian Open to Wimbledon, to anyone who has ever enjoyed a nail-biting tennis final.

Special Note: This book is only available as an ebook.

About the Author: Kevin Snelgrove was born in 1960 in Frome, a small town in the countryside of East Somerset. Kevin's first published book was 'The Official Carry On Facts, Figures & Statistics', he then went on to compile many football quiz books.

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Publication Date:21 June 2011
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