The Ultimate Book Publishing Service
Who are we?

Apex Publishing Limited, an independent international book publisher, was established in 2002 by a team of professionals with many years in the publishing industry behind them. We have grown from strength to strength and have quickly gained a firm footing in a competitive marketplace, now specialising in publishing and promoting the works of established, well-respected authors as a result of our excellent reputation, professionalism and dedicated customer service.

Our overall aim is to create best-selling books and eBooks, maximise sales and continually build on our success through the maintenance of high publishing standards.

What subject areas do we cover?

Although we are adventurous and diverse, always looking for new talents and ideas, and will consider publishing a wide range of high-quality non-fiction and also well-written works of contemporary fiction, we have developed a particular interest in real-life stories, biographies, memoirs, entertainment and lifestyle and sport. Please note that, in terms of works of fiction, certain areas of this market (e.g. poetry, short stories and children's books) are already saturated with established names and thus can prove a harder market to penetrate as an unknown novelist. Debut authors should therefore set themselves realistic and achievable goals in this respect. That said, a truly talented and skilful new writer has every chance of succeeding in placing him/herself on the ladder as one of the crème de la crème of published authors, and we will do everything in our power to turn your work into a polished piece and actively promote it in every way we can.

What services and assurances can we offer you? 

We are committed 100 per cent to working in close collaboration with our authors through every stage of the publishing process, from manuscript to a high-quality end product. We believe in allowing authors to retain creative control over their books, remaining in constant and informative communication with them throughout the process, and aiming to facilitate higher percentage returns on book sales.

We also provide all administration, marketing, public relations, shop information, warehousing and rights selling, and have access to professional editors, cover designers, printers and, most importantly, distributors.

In addition, most of our publications are reviewed by the famous and well known and many include forewords written by them. Book printing runs will incorporate any favourable review comments on the back cover to assist in increasing book sales.

We actively promote our books by targeting specific markets with reviews and advertisements in appropriate media publications and on the Internet. Every title and eBook editions currently in print with Apex Publishing Ltd will appear on this website.

Most of our books are printed on cream paper, which has proven effective in reducing eye strain, and are produced in A5 paperback format and demi and royal hardback formats.

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For further assurances in regard to the excellent service we can offer you, please Click Here  to view feedback from authors that have used our services.

All subsidiary rights including film and TV rights available. Apex Publishing Ltd titles carry the following ISBN Prefixes:

978-0-993152, 978-0-993179, 978-0-993263, 978-0-993337, 978-1-785384, 978-1-904444, 978-1-906358, 978-1-907792, 978-1-908382, 978-1-908548, 978-1-908752, 978-1-909143, 978-1-909949, 978-1-910295, 978-1-911476.